On January 25th and 26th we organized a workshop on “Sociologies of Disorder” together with Robert Schäfer (Fribourgh, Schwitzerland). We are thus continuing our work after having organized an ad hoc group at the 39th DGS Congress. Of particular interest to us were discussions on how “disorderly” living conditions can be stabilized instead of striving back to “order” or adopting their own form of order. In addition, various concepts of order and disorder were presented and discussed, so that a good overview of the concept was given in this context.

Workshop “Sociologies of Disorder”

A considerable number of experts from all over Germany and Switzerland attended the workshop whom we would like to thank for their participation! We remain in contact with them and inform them about further planning. As a next step, we will work out an exposé on the topic which we would like to submit for publication in a journal.

Translation: Charlotte Nate